Breast Reduction Surgery with Dr Allen Rezai in Dubai: What To Expect Before, During & After Surgery

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Overly large breasts can cause some women both health and emotional problems. The physical discomfort may include back, neck and shoulder pain, and skin irritation beneath the breast crease. The weight of excess breast tissue can restrict a woman’s ability to lead an active life. Some women also feel very self-conscious about having large breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery or Reduction Mammaplasty is a common surgical intervention for women who suffer from large and heavy breasts. The procedure entails the removal of excess skin, fat and glandular tissue from the breast, followed by reshaping and lifting, to create a smaller, more proportionate bust size. Before you decide on getting breast reduction, it is really important to consider what is it that you want to achieve, the pros and cons, and discuss your expectations with your surgeon to get a clear picture of how your breasts will change.

Although there might be many reasons why women pursue breast reduction surgery, they all have one common goal and that is enhancing their overall quality of life.

At Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group, we believe in educating every one of our patients as to all aspects of a procedure, including what to expect, before during and after!

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of an initial detailed face to face consultation, Dr Allen Rezai, our founder and leading Consultant Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon of Harley Street, London, takes his time discussing and explaining all aspects of the procedure with you during your consultation. Having more information and a clear expectation about what’s next will help you make an informed decision and to better manage your post-op recovery so that you have the best possible experience out of your surgery. The following is a general guide and should not take place of a detailed consultation.

What To Expect Before Breast Reduction Surgery

It goes without saying that the necessary first step with any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure is to have a thorough initial consultation so you have a clear understanding of what you would like to achieve and what is plausible to achieve from this procedure. It is also important to fully recognise and acknowledge any alternative options, risks, recovery, and the outcome of your breast reduction surgery. The success and safety of your breast reduction procedure depends very much on your complete candidness during your consultation.

All being well after your consultation, and if you decide to proceed, our expert team at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group will provide you with a personal treatment and care plan, and guide you throughout your entire journey with us.

In anticipation of your surgery, our specialist nurses and the anaesthetist will see you for a pre-operative assessment, you will have routine and sometimes specific additional lab work and may also be asked to undergo some type of breast imaging depending on your personal or family history or age. You will be provided with detailed pre- & post-operative care instructions which is important to follow in order to make your life-changing journey as smooth as possible.

We encourage our patients to have a second consultation with Dr Allen Rezai prior to their surgery, this is to ensure you fully understand all aspects of the procedure and recovery and to answer any additional questions you may have.

What To Expect During Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is performed at a hospital as an in-patient procedure, it is carried out under general anaesthesia and may take between 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on the extend of the procedure. There are various options in terms of technique and incision patterns. The choice mainly depends on the extent of the reduction. Sometimes with small breast reductions in patients with mainly fatty breast tissue, minimal excess skin and good skin elasticity, liposuction may be employed. However, if you need to remove loose skin and glandular tissue, then a lollipop incision is required, which leaves a scar around areola and a vertical scar from the areola to the inframammary fold (breast crease). For more extensive reductions, the inverted T pattern also known as the anchor or Wise pattern, is used. This includes both the lollipop incision and an additional scar that runs along the inframammary fold.

Once the desired size and shape is achieved, the incisions are closed with three layers of sutures and are covered with surgical dressing.

Patients are required to stay at the hospital overnight and will be seen by Dr Allen Rezai the morning after prior to being discharged.

What To Expect After Breast Reduction Surgery

While the actual operation for a breast reduction is short, the recovery process requires a bit more time and patience.

Recovery after Breast Reduction is very individual, and depends on the extent of the reduction. Following your surgery, a dressing will be applied to your incisions. It is common to feel bruised and sore and for the breasts to be swollen. You will be provided with specific written care instructions which will include details on what to expect and what you should and should not do for up to a year after surgery. Furthermore, you’ll have access to our 24/7 nurse support line and our specialised nurses at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group will call you every day until your first check up with us, to see how your recovering is going and whether you have any questions.

Many are able to return to work and resume their normal daily routine within 10-14 days post-op. However, strenuous activities, exercising, and heavy lifting should not be resumed until 6-8 weeks post-op, after you have the all-clear from Dr Allen Rezai.

In terms of outcome, it takes time for the breasts to settle into their final shape and position. The tissue needs time to recover and settle after surgery, your body needs time to heal but week after week you’ll notice positive changes, and the final result will become obvious around six to twelve months after surgery. If you do not have any problems with scarring, your incisions should fade into fine lines after one year.

Depending on what stage in your life you have the breast reduction surgery, further surgery may be needed at some point in the future, especially if you have breast reduction in your 20s or before completing your family. Breast size and shape can and most likely will change with pregnancy, breastfeeding or significant weight fluctuations. And sometimes even hormonal changes can alter the breast size.

Breast Reduction surgery is a procedure with an overall high patient satisfaction rate, as many time it restores patients’ quality of life. The greatest benefits are often relief from physical pain, a new-found sense of confidence, happiness, and comfort.

If you’re considering breast reduction surgery, schedule an appointment with Dr Allen Rezai at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group in Dubai Healthcare City or at his London Harley Street practice, to determine your suitability, discuss your options including all aspects of the procedure in detail to enable you to make an informed, possibly life changing, decision.

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