Introduction to Breast Surgery

Breast surgery procedures are some of the most frequently undertaken plastic surgery operations requested worldwide… indeed they are regularly one of the first procedures contemplated by women. Breasts are one of the unique defining features of femininity and thus their form can have a major impact on appearance and body image.

Plastic surgery of the breasts can alter the size of the breast by using breast implants, a procedure known as breast augmentation. Conversely, breasts that are considered too heavy can be reduced in volume by means of breast reduction.

A mastopexy, commonly known as a breast uplift, can be undertaken for breasts that are too droopy in order to give them lift, thus improving their overall shape without dramatically affecting their size.

Finally, some breast types will benefit from a combination of augmentation and uplift so as to achieve a more shapely look. This is frequently the situation with mothers post-pregnancy who desire their breasts to return to their former appearance prior to giving birth.

In all cases our plastic surgeons advocate a natural appearance, whereby the breasts look, feel, and move naturally. They employ the shortest scars possible and also the least invasive approaches so as to achieve the desired result.

We have performed literally thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeries. Patients who have made a commitment to breast surgery can be counted amongst some of the happiest and most satisfied of all cosmetic surgery patients, regularly discovering a renewed sense of self-confidence and a greatly improved overall body image.

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