Introduction to Body Contouring

For many people, an ongoing and demanding daily task is achieving and maintaining a healthy physique. We all like to feel and look the best we can. Body contouring can help us attain this objective.

The term “body contouring” refers to a variety of plastic surgery procedures which are designed to address specific trouble spots. The most common of these procedures are the tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) and liposuction.

In general, body contouring should not be considered to be a technique for weight loss, but as an additional tool employed to correct certain target areas that are not responsive to a balanced diet and exercise.

Fortunately, however, the result of body contouring is that a person will look and feel slimmer, and also notice an improvement in the way that clothing fits.

Individual body contouring procedures can be performed either in isolation or in conjunction with one another so as to optimize results.

During your consultation, your surgeon will help you to determine which of the body contouring procedures will best help you in achieving your own personal goals.

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