RevitaLife IV Therapy & IM Booster Shots

Revive, Replenish and Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body With RevitaLife Drip IV Infusion Therapy. RevitaLife Drips are the Only approved IV Infusions by the Ministry of Health.

IV Therapy, a method of infusing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream, is a quick, efficient, safe, and powerful way of administering vital nutrients into the body helping to enhance memory and alertness, detoxify and cleanse the body, reduce viral illness/colds and boosts the immune system, add shine to hair, skin and nails and even reported to alleviate depression.

Maintaining adequate fluid balance is paramount to health and maintenance of mind and body, minimal dehydration can cause significant loss of productivity and create stress on the body and result in the release of free radicals, which can have numerous harmful effects. Common reasons for dehydration are decreased water intake, too much sun exposure, regular long-haul flights, illnesses, increase in water loss, alcohol consumption alone or combined with any of the above.

Revitalife Drip IV Infusions are made bespoke to improve and alleviate various conditions, All of them has one common basic goal, To Restore Hydration in the body.

More Effective Than Oral Vitamins …

Unlike oral consumption of vitamins and supplements, where more than half of the valuable nutrient goodness is lost during digestion, IV Infusion Therapy allows for increased absorption of nutrients right from the start. The second your infusion begins, vitamins, minerals, and other powerful nutrients are instantly circulated through your bloodstream and absorbed by your cells that need it the most without affecting your liver or digestive system.

In addition to RevitaLife Drips, we offer vitamin/anti-oxidant intramuscular (IM) Booster Shots to promote wellness, achieve weight loss and boost energy.

Multiple Benefits…

Besides Boosting Immune Support, Anti-Ageing Benefits, Energy Enhancement and Recuperation, General Wellbeing is one of the biggest reasons people choose to have the IV Infusion Therapy and IM Booster Shot Treatments. IM Boosters take just seconds to administer and the IV Infusion treatments take between 30-60 minutes. Many patients begin to feel the effects during treatment, which then continues over the following hours and days. It doesn’t take long to start feeling refreshed, rehydrated, re-energised, and revitalised.

Is it Safe?

Subject to thorough consultation and assessment, when used at the correct dosage and in the right combination, there are rarely any side effects or risks with IV Infusion Therapy and IM Booster Shots. Patients are always monitored while receiving IV Infusion to ensure their well-being throughout their treatment. Furthermore, patients have access to our 24/7 nurse help-line during out of office hours and as part of our aftercare programme, our experienced nurses call patients the day after treatment to check on them and answer any questions they may have.

While receiving treatment, there may be some physical sensation at the site where the IV drip is inserted but that is usually temporary and, very rarely, some patients complain of a slight fever or headache after a treatment, but again this is usually temporary and will subside.

At Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group, as part of our exclusive aftercare, our experienced nurses call patients the day after their treatment to see how they are and to also answer any questions they may have. Patients also have access to our 24/7 Nurse Helpline to be able to reach us during out of office hours.

Importance of Initial Consultation…

As with any other procedures, a thorough consultation with and assessment by one of our Doctors is essential prior to IV Infusion Therapy treatment. This is important for a number of reasons:

  • It is crucial to identify any pre-existing medical conditions that could compromise treatment or adversely affect the benefits of your IV Infusion Therapy.
  • It is essential for our Doctors to discuss your expectations of treatment, assess your general health and lifestyle, which can then be used to determine your suitability and to create a bespoke treatment plan for you.
  • If deemed necessary or required, depending on your medical history, we may order a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation prior to treatment.
  • The RevitaLife IV Infusions and our IM Booster Shot treatments are tailored to meet the individual patient’s needs.

At Elite Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Group, we offer a wide range of RevitaLife IV Infusion Drips and IM Booster Shot Treatments that can boost levels of vitamins and minerals benefiting a wide range of patients. Our Pure Hydration & Pure Energy Boost treatments are especially popular amongst cabin crew and people who are constantly on the go, or those who need a quick recovery after a night out.

IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy Treatments


HYDRATE-ME – Pure Hydration IV Infusion


HYDRATE-ME IV infusion is perfect for those who need instant hydration after a night out or a long flight. It aids in recharging the balance of water and electrolytes in your body by optimising your blood volume targeting symptoms of dehydration and fatigue.

Being properly hydrated allows your body to:

  • Maintain body temperature
  • Remove waste
  • Lubricate joints
  • Keep skin moisturised
  • Transport oxygen and nutrients to cells

You can become dangerously dehydrated if you don’t replenish the water your body uses up. Dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue, nausea, weakness, and other health problems.

HYDRATE-ME Infusion:

  • Restores Hydration
  • Flushes out toxins
  • Instantly Replenishes your Electrolytes which maintain the body’s fluid balance

REJUVENATE-ME – Anti-Ageing IV Infusion


Having an active outdoors lifestyle, spending afternoons at the beach or out in the sun, requires protecting your skin from sun damage and ageing. You apply daily sunblock, you’ve tried all kinds of anti-ageing products like lotions, moisturisers, and wrinkle creams and masks to keep your skin looking young. Antioxidants applied to the skin in a lotion don’t absorb well and only have short term effects however with IV therapy you ensure maximum absorption.

Our Rejuvenate-Me Infusion is packed with powerful antioxidants providing hydration and protection from UV damage, free radicals, toxins, and dryness.


  • Restores Hydration
  • Rejuvenates Skin
  • Slows The Ageing Process
  • Detoxifies The Body
  • Replenishes Glutathione, the mother of all antioxidants
  • Prevents & Reverses The Effects Of Free Radicals

 FIX-ME – Recovery IV Infusion


Sleep deprivation, excessive workload, jet lag, dehydration, and overindulgence of nightlife can often result in fatigue, decreased concentration and you feeling run down.

FIX-ME IV Infusion refreshes your body to help you recover from the toughest of days and nights.

FIX-ME IV Infusion:

  • Restores Hydration
  • Decreases Inflammation
  • Relieves Pain & Nausea
  • Delivers An Energy Boost
  • Helps Regulate Sleep, Mood & Appetite Cycle
  • Boosts Immune System

BOOST-ME – Energy Boosting IV Infusion


You may have a busy lifestyle, which can be exhausting sometimes. Work, school, shopping, fitness, social activities with family and friends. The list is endless.
Our BOOST-ME IV infusion is a combination of the nutrients your body needs to maximise your daily performance while preserving the balance in your body, leaving you feeling healthy and refreshed.

BOOST-ME IV Infusion:

  • Restores Hydration
  • Delivers An Energy Boost
  • Replenishes Essential Minerals & Vitamins
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Detoxifies The Body
  • Cleanses Vital Organs
  • Helps Regulate Sleep, Mood & Appetite Cycle

PURIFY-ME – Detoxifying IV Infusion


Living life to the extreme calls for the ultimate recovery. Our premium PURIFY-ME Infusion combines the recovery benefits of FIX-ME with the cleansing effects of BOOST-ME giving you maximum productivity and detoxification.

PURIFY-ME Infusion:

  • Restores Hydration
  • Replenishes Essential Minerals &Vitamins
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Regulates Metabolism
  • Suppresses Inflammation
  • Relieves Pain & Nausea
  • Delivers An Energy Boost
  • Detoxifies The Body
  • Cleanses Vital Organs
  • Helps Regulate Sleep, Mood & Appetite Cycle

Intramuscular (IM) Booster Shots


B-12 “PURE ENERGY” Booster Shot


If you are feeling tired and run down all the time, suffering from unexplained aches and pains and continually falling victim to colds and other infections, then you may have a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Also known as the “Energy Vitamin”, B12 helps make DNA, nerve and blood cells, and is crucial for a healthy brain and immune system. Your metabolism wouldn’t run smoothly without it. Just one injection of B-12 and you’ll enjoy a boost to your immune system, which results in an increase of energy and focus.

B-12 IM Booster Shot:

  • Increases Natural Energy Levels
  • Maintains Healthy Immune System
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Improves Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Promotes Healthy Skin

Best For:

  • Natural Energy Boost

Glutathione “Rejuvenation” Booster Shot


Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants and the master detoxifier. The good news is that our body produces its own glutathione. The bad news is that poor diet, pollution, toxins, medications, stress, trauma, ageing, infections and radiation all deplete the glutathione.

Our body requires endless supplies of this essential nutrient as it plays an important role in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, strengthening the immune system and making chemicals and proteins that are needed by the body.

Gluthatione IM Booster Shot:

  • Has Anti-Ageing &  Skin Rejuvenation Benefits
  • Has Skin Brightening Benefits
  • Strengthens Hair & Nails
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Reduces the Effects of Stress
  • Detoxifies The Body
  • Prevents and Repairs Cellular Damage

Best for:

  • Wellness & Aesthetic Maintenance

“SLIMBURST” Booster Shot


As much as we wish there was a miracle treatment that instantly made us lose that bit of extra weight, it’s not that easy!

Proper nutrition plays an important role in weight management. If your body doesn’t have all the nutrients it needs, it cannot function as efficiently as it should. An effective way to lose weight is to make the most of your healthy diet and exercise routine, by supplementing your efforts with the SlimBurst IM Shot.

The vitamins, amino acids and anti-oxidants in the SlimBurst IM injection boosts your metabolism helping your body more effectively turn food and calories into energy (energy you can use to exercise!) and at the same time helps your body to function at it’s best and keep your spirits high!

SlimBurst IM Booster Shot:

  • Detoxifies the Body
  • Enhances Metabolism and Energy
  • Reduces the storage of fat and acts as a natural fat burner
  • Helps Regulate Sleep, Mood and Appetite Cycles
  • Boosts Immune System

Best for:

  • Weight Loss and Fitness (To complement healthy diet and lifestyle)

D-INVIGORATE  (Vitamin D IM Booster Shot)

This essential nutrient is required for many of the main processes of the body, however its major role is to assists the body in its ability to absorb other minerals such as Calcium and Phosphorous for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Furthermore, Vitamin D is an important component in maintaining your general health and well-being, it may also protect against osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cancer, and other diseases.

Vitamin D IM Booster Shot:

  • Reduces stress and feeling fatigue
  • Helps neutralise depression and anxiety
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Maintain the health of bones and teeth
  • Support the health of the immune system, brain and nervous system
  • Regulate insulin levels and aid diabetes management
  • Support lung function and cardiovascular health

Best for:

  • General health, wellbeing and healthy bones and teeth.

IRON FIX  (Iron IM Booster Shot)

The Iron Fix IM Booster Shot is perfect for people suffering from iron deficiency, anaemia or inadequate iron absorption or for those who cannot tolerate iron tablets or liquids.

Iron IM Booster Shot:

  • Balances iron deficiency
  • Alleviates general fatigue and weakness
  • Maintains natural energy level

Best for:

  • Individuals with Iron Deficiency.

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