JETT Plasma Lift Medical – Sparks for Marks

It is first patented DIRECT CURRENT PLASMA discharge generator in the world, made in the Czech Republic (EU) to treat skin and mucous membranes. Technology of treatment with JETT PLASMA is based on electric plasma – ionized gas (beam of electrons and ions).  Plasma is automatically generated by safe high voltage between the tip of the device and patient’s skin.  Patented direct current technology allows us to create very thin and stable discharge (0,1mm), by which can be treated even the most sensitive part of face and body.

Ablative Treatment

  • Elimination of benign vascular lesions
  • Elimination of undesirable skin lesions – fibromas, xanthelasma, keratosis, keratoacanthoma
  • Elimination of scars and minor warts
  • Stop minor capillary bleeding
  • Deep wrinkles

Non-Ablative Treatment

  • Pigmented and old age spots
  • Spider Naevi
  • Shallow wrinkles
  • Lifting and Improvement of skin elasticity
  • Incorporation of Active Ingredients
  • Complementary treatment of acne

The Good…

  1. Suitable for both Men and Women
  2. Can be used virtually in any area of the face and body
  3. It can postpone or eliminate the need for invasive surgery for patients with mild to moderate skin laxity
  4. It can be used to enhance or maintain the result of some surgical procedure
  5. It has unique technology of DIRECT current
  6. For ablative treatment, it has minimal downtime
  7. For Non-ablative treatment, it can be painless, safe, effective and progressive non-invasive reduction of wrinkles and skin tightening
  8. Results may be visible immediately after the first treatment

The Bad…

  1. Not suitable for people with pacemaker or metal anywhere in the body, pregnant and lactating mothers, active skin problems and a few medical conditions.

The Final Verdict

State-of-the-art cosmetic and medical device utilizing a unique technology with long lasting result and minimal to no downtime for perfect and youthful look. Skin rejuvenation made easy.

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