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Exilis Elite – The Award Winning System For Safe, Effective And Non-Invasive Fat Reduction, Body Contouring And Skin Tightening

May 12, 2014

Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group:

Exilis Elite is an exciting new technology that uses Radio Frequency (RF) and Ultrasound energies for body contouring and skin tightening, offering a revolutionary non-invasive form of treatment for the […]

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New Study Reveals That Botox the Anti-Aging Treatment is Also an Anti-Depressant

April 28, 2014

Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group:

It might have made its name through celebrity use, but Botox is now an affordable treatment accessible to many. Unlike some cosmetic medical treatments, Botox is suitable for most people […]

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Liposuction Advances Help Make it One of the Most Demanded Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in the Middle East

April 28, 2014

Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group:

Liposuction is by far one of the most popular plastic surgery operations requested by women and increasingly also by men throughout the world, particularly so in the Middle East. And […]

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New Era Facial Rejuvenation Combines Fat Grafting and PRP for Long Lasting Results

March 28, 2014

Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group:

The use of fat grafting to rejuvenate the face is an advanced minimally invasive technique which uses a patient’s own fat taken from another part of the body to restore […]

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