Cryotherapy – The Pros & Cons

August 26, 2014

Cryotherapy has come to the UAE and Dubai.

Dr Rezai of Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group was recently interviewed by Gulf News and asked to give his opinion concerning this technology now being used by the weight-loss industry.

Dr Rezai explains that “Cryotherapy also known as cold therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy diseased tissue, including cancer cells. Until recently, cryotherapy has been used for therapeutic effect helping to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation also to treat a number of skin conditions like warts, moles, skin tags and solar keratosis.

“Nowadays, Cryotherapy is used for reducing unwanted subcutaneous (just beneath the skin) fat volume. Cryolipolysis or “Fat Freezing” freezes fat cells leaving the overlying skin and surrounding tissue intact. During a Cryolipolisis treatment the fat bearing parts of the skin, mostly the abdomen and love handles, is inserted into a cup like cooling device for about an hour, during which time some of the fat cells in the cooled area are destroyed and ultimately disposed of by the liver during a period of 2-4 months.

“Generally a reduction of 20 percent fat can be expected but this may take a number of treatments and the number of treatments required vary, according to the amount of excess fat present.

“Cryolipolisis is not for someone who is obese and wants to lose weight,” warns Dr Rezai, “it is suitable for individuals who are happy with their overall weight and would only want to reduce localised fat. Also it will not affect the skin in any away as Cryolipolisis primary purpose is to reduce fat cells and volume. Therefore patients with poor skin elasticity or with pre-existing skin laxity are not ideal candidates for this treatment.

“Cryolipolisis is not a solution for skin tightening or rejuvenation, and for patients with loose skin, an adjacent treatment of Radio Frequency or laser skin tightening is required.

“Benefits of Cryolipolisis are that there is no anaesthetic required, no downtime and no surgical incision. The downside is that it takes between 2-4 months for the results to appear, only a small area can be treated at a time and multiple sessions are required for optimal results. Hence the results are not as rapid or dramatic as surgical procedures such as liposuction or Vaser lipo.”

When asked if he had employed Cryolipolisis treatment for his patients, Dr Rezai replied with a definite “No”, explaining that he believes believe that combined Radio Frequency and Ultrasound will provide a better non-invasive solution for body sculpting and skin tightening. Dr Rezai explains that in RF and Ultrasound treatment “The Ultrasound targets the subcutaneous fatty tissue, causing the fat cell membrane to burst, enabling the fat to ‘melt’ and then be released in to the surrounding tissue. As the fat is ‘melted’ out of its container cells, these cells actually shrink in size. The body then metabolises and disposes of the melted fat in precisely the same way as if it had been consumed, with a certain amount being excreted through body’s own natural process and some being retained. At the same time the Radio Frequency heats the deeper layers of the skin, initiating the process known as Collagen Remodeling in which older elongated strands of collagen are denatured by the RF energy. During the body’s own repair process these collagen networks are then stimulated, strengthened and aligned in a more youthful configuration that improves both the skin laxity and its texture, at once tightening and rejuvenating. RF also improves blood circulation, which in turn increases lymphatic drainage which helps the body to excrete the excess ‘melted’ fat safely and effectively.”

Dr Rezai concludes that “Similar to Cryolipolisis, with RF & Ultrasound, multiple sessions are required to reach optimum results. However what differentiates the RF & Ultrasound from Cryolipolis is is that as well as reducing fat volume it also increases collagen production resulting a in a tighter and more youthful skin. I believe it to be an overall much better solution.”

The full Gulf News article can be found at the following link:

Cryotherapy the hot new wellness fad in the UAE


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