Look Younger Without Going Under the Knife – 8 Point Facelift now Available in Dubai

January 15, 2014

Most of us would like to look younger and today this is becoming increasingly possible and accessible to a greater number of people thanks to an ever widening range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments designed to rejuvenate the face with long-lasting results but without costly surgery and with no downtime. The 8-Point Facelift is one such treatment, recently introduced to Dubai by Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group.

For the second time in recent months Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group based in Dubai Healthcare City is at the forefront of anti-aging treatments in the UAE. Having been first to introduce the now highly popular “Vampire Facelift” to the Dubai public, they have also recently brought the “8-Point Facelift” to the region, which is set to continue their success in bringing ground-breaking facial rejuvenation treatments to the Middle East.

Dr Allen Rezai, Founder and Lead Surgeon of Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group, explains the background to this exciting treatment new to Dubai: “We don’t age in only one part of our face, so the traditional methods of using dermal fillers in only one area will never give the effective, ideal cosmetic rejuvenation results that women and men really need as they age.”

“Ideal anti-aging cosmetic treatments seek to address the entire face as a whole that relies upon the balance and symmetry of its individual parts to produce an overall natural and youthful appearance. It can be considered to be a more holistic approach to facial rejuvenation.”

According to Dr Rezai “The 8-Point Facelift is a total treatment solution which considers the face as a whole and how it ages rather than simply looking at just an individual part of it and trying to hunt down lines. As we age, the face loses volume, and the first signs of aging are regularly seen in eight key areas situated beneath the eyes, within the cheeks, around the jaw and within the folds of the nose and lips. Dermal fillers can be used to restore volume in these key areas. They contain hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring component in the skin. It attracts and retains water to provide hydration, structure and volume. As we age the levels of hyaluronic acid in our skin naturally decline and these fillers are used to replace it.”

Using dermal fillers in this way has its origins in the work of the Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Dr Mauricio De Maio whose method is now revolutionizing the non-surgical facelift with no need for downtime, producing results that are natural, add volume and restore youthful facial curves that provide a healthy, rejuvenated appearance at any age.

“Expert use of dermal filler in the strategic areas of the face where needed can result in patients getting the look they have dreamed of, often in a subtle and sophisticated way. In fact a wide range of age groups can be treated using this technique, all of whom can benefit from the restoration of their youthful appearance,” says Dr Rezai who goes on to explain that the 8-Point Facelift can also be combined with other procedures such as laser skin rejuvenation, vampire skin rejuvenation and Botox for longer lasting results.

More detailed information on the 8-Point Facelift, facial rejuvenation and other aesthetic anti-aging procedures can be obtained by visiting the Non-Surgical section of Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group website at https://elitecosmeticsurgery.ae .

For details about procedures and treatments or for a consultation, advice and prices from our Dubai clinic please call  +971 4 431 2396 or use our online form.

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