Innovatory Combined Ultrasound & RF Liposuction – A Pain-Free Solution To Eliminate Fat Quickly, Effectively And Safely With Minimal Down-Time

January 27, 2016

Quick and painless fat loss is the dream of many men and women the world over. And a solution involving some form of liposuction is usually one of the first things that comes to mind having tried possibly a host of alternative methods with little or no success. Indeed liposuction is by far one of the most frequently requested cosmetic plastic surgery operations, its technology constantly evolving up to the point we arrive at today with the introduction by Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group in Dubai of a high tech combined Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency system, offering speed, effectiveness, safety and a totally pain-free treatment with minimal downtime, ideally suited to the contemporary lifestyle.

In the early days of liposuction, surgery was performed under general anaesthetic with large-bore cannulae, and such early procedures were often less than ideal, being fraught with irregularities such as asymmetrical results, blood loss and sometimes infection. Since then, techniques have developed rapidly to the point where patients now benefit from the use of local anaesthetics and their surgeries have become not only safer and more effective but also less costly.

Modern liposuction methods are typically characterized by several advantages: they are better tolerated by patients and carry a much lower risk of complications; patients experience less pain and shorter post-operative down-time; there is less blood loss and bruising; they are less expensive due to the reduced cost of anaesthesia and shorter operating time; and surgeons can contour the body to any desirable angle, producing a more aesthetically appealing result. The many advanced technologies now widely available include, what must seem to the patient, a bewildering array of techniques involving ultrasound, radio frequency (RF) and even laser, each with their own advantages and disadvantages and suitability in differing circumstances.

In purely technical terms, the Combined Ultrasound & RF Liposuction system combines the benefits of Low Frequency Ultrasound Cavitation and Tumescent Liposuction with Mono-polar Radio Frequency. The former melts fat without any associated bleeding and swelling, whilst the RF waves of the latter effectively tighten the skin as the energy is transported through the various layers of tissue and stimulate the action of existing collagen. Moreover, the innovative design of its special cannula concentrates vibration at the very tip, which not only provides for silent operation but also reduces the temperature at the skin surface, thus avoiding the potential side-effects of burning and swelling, resulting in minimum down-time for the patient.

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