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October 4, 2015

For women around the world, cancer of the breast is the most common variety of cancer, and in the UAE, according to figures from the Ministry of Health, it is the second biggest killer of females after cardiovascular disease. Indeed it is frequently quoted that the chances of contracting breast cancer is as high as 1 in 8. Yet, if detected early, the survival rate is 98 per cent. But UAE women for whom mastectomy is the necessary choice, either because they have already developed breast cancer or because they need, often urgently, to undergo prophylactic surgery, now have a much wider choice available to re-build their breasts in a very natural way thanks to advanced surgical procedures offered by Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group of Dubai Healthcare City.

Cases of breast cancer are on the rise around the world, and in the UAE it has been reported that, since 2009, numbers have actually risen by 20 per cent. Although, in the absence of a UAE cancer registry, the reasons for this reported increase can not be determined with certainty. Nevertheless, according to government figures, only 30 per cent of cases in the UAE are diagnosed in the early stages when the chance of a cure is highest. This is much lower than in most western countries, and many women still do not go for regular check-ups for a variety of reasons, even including a certain stigma in conservative communities concerning self-examination.

Fortunately in recent years the situation is changing and awareness about breast cancer has significantly advanced, with the government encouraging families to proactively take charge of their health, helping to increase understanding and empower women in the fight against cancer. The Breast Cancer Awareness month of October is just one such highly effective initiative.

According to Dr Allen Rezai, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Lead Surgeon at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group, a leading international figure in reconstructive breast surgery, the exact underlying reasons for the development of breast cancer are yet to be found, however there are known to be certain factors closely related to its development. Dr Rezai explains that the key risk factors relate to age, family history, genetics, race, breast tissue type, and a whole range of lifestyle related factors. In the case of Arab women, according to recent research by the World Cancer Research Fund, it is particularly important to limit salt intake and reduce consumption of fatty, fried and processed foods, and keep their Body-Mass Index (BMI) down. They should also limit the amount of red meat consumed and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. In short, there are many factors to be taken into account and also many, often small, changes that can be made to a person’s lifestyle and eating habits which, when taken as a whole, can lead to significant overall health benefits.

Dr Rezai explains that, once cancer has been diagnosed, or once the presence of certain gene mutations have been identified which point to a high likelihood of cancer in the future, in spite of recent advancements in the development of more targeted cancer-fighting drugs, “for some women with breast cancer, mastectomy is still the best option, although in many cases this leaves them with psychological problems. Following mastectomy, even though it may save the patient’s life, and in spite of the support they might receive from husband, family and friends, the resulting deformed chest can severely damage a woman’s self-image. Loss of one or both breasts, which are a potent symbol of femininity, can have major psychological consequences. For example, it can affect their relationship with their husband or make entering into future relationships more difficult. She might also feel isolated. Such factors can create a huge amount of distress not only for the patient but also for their family and friends.” … …

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