Breast Reduction Surgery – A Life-Changing Solution For Large, Heavy & Uncomfortable Breasts

May 18, 2015

What constitutes the ideal or perfect female breast is a question with no single correct answer, since it has always depended upon epoque, nationality, culture and fashion. Thus the form and size of the ideal breast just twenty years ago might today have been totally replaced by an ideal that is quite different. But whilst the modern western trend towards increasing the breast size, often by means of implant surgery, has given an ever-growing number of women the opportunity to achieve the breast size and shape that they have always desired, there is today an increasingly prevalent counter-trend of women who believe their breasts to be too large for one reason or another, and who consequently seek to reduce the size of their breasts through Breast Reduction Surgery. Very large and heavy breasts may cause considerable physical and/or psychological distress. Discomfort such as neck, back and shoulder pain, poor posture and skin irritation may occur.

Breast Reduction Surgery

According to Dr Allen Rezai, Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon of Harley Street, London, and also founder of Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group in Dubai Healthcare City, the condition whereby some women have disproportionately large, heavy breasts is known medically as mammary hypertrophy. And in addition to the aesthetic implications, including difficulty wearing fashionable clothes, they also often interfere with social and sporting activities. Large breasts can also cause various symptoms such as back and neck pain and may predispose the woman to arthritis in these areas. Further, many women suffer with repeated skin infections in the fold beneath the breast. These women often benefit tremendously from a breast reduction, states Dr Rezai.

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